Pet Carriers

Help provide safe transport by offering a new pet owner with one of these carriers. 

We are pleased to inform you that our cardboard pet carriers are included in the SFI program.  (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) Chain of  Custody.  The SFI program promotes responsible environmental behavior and sound forest management.  For more information on the program, please visit

We also specialize in custom imprinting on the cardboard pet carriers.  A great advertising opportunity.

  • One-piece Cardboard Pet Carriers: Are constructed from 200 lb. test white cardboard, approximately 70% post-consumer recycled product, with strongly glued joints and extra ventilation holes, sized to keep in paws.
  • Custom Imprinted Carriers:  Keep your name out front by imprinting the cardboard carriers with your logo, facility name, address etc.
  • Little Critter Carriers: Are a one-piece carrier ideal for the transport of small animals such as birds, rats, gerbils, or guinea pigs.  It is constructed of 125# E flute, brown cardboard with an attractive imprint.
  • Plastic Pet Carriers:  These are a two - piece design, carrier & pad.  This plastic carrier is 100% recyclable-nationwide recycling code # 2.  The joints are sonic welded with plenty of ventilation holes.  The washable surface will hold up for many trips.
  • CatEShack:  A cardboard pet carrier that converts into a place to perch or hide.