• Enhance their stay
  • Provide safe transport
  • Improve relocation adjustment

Cats can be prone to stress when introduced into an unfamiliar environment.  The Cat E Shack gives them the option to choose how and when they interact with their surroundings.

This box is designed so that the cats familiar time at the shelter moves with them as it converts into a temporary carrier.  Once in the new home, the carrier is reassembled becoming a familiar haven.

Inside carrier dimensions:  17 1/2"L x 10"W x 11 1/4"H

With the Lounger attached to top: 17 1/2"L x 10"W x 21"H

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 72715  Carrier/lounger set













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The Lounger

For those felines that may play rough with the Cat E Shack, you may need to replace the lounger to ensure safe transport.  The Lounger can also be used alone to provide a comfortable place for medical cases allowing easy access to your patient.

17"L x 10"W x 9 1/4"H

No recommended as a littler tray.

 NO.   Description  Qty  Price each
11ATP   The Lounger 20 $1.20
    30 $1.10 
    60 $.99