Soft Quick Lift

This soft sling lift is designed to aid with injury rehab, after surgery or age-related physical therapy.

Soft Quick Lift adds a webbing-reinforced, fleece-lined body for extra stability and comfort when aiding convalescing pets.  The technician or owner helps carry the animal's weight, allowing hind-leg exercise and strengthening without weight stress. 

Constructed of durable, washable nylon pack cloth with polypropylene webbing handles.

Fleece padded handles are added to the X-Large size.

Sold individually

 NO.  Description  Price each
 SFL-01 Small: Up to 30 lbs   -  Lift Size  5 1/2" x 16"  $15.20
 SFL-02 Large: 31-90 lbs       -   Lift Size  8" x  27"  $20.25
 SFL-03 X-Large: 91-160 lbs -   Lift Size  14" x 36"   $28.85